USA BodySurfing was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2022 to operate contests in co-location with USA Surfing events. USA BodySurfing will implement several of the guidelines used by surfing contests, including 4-person heats, priority system, and professional judges accredited by the ISA. Team standings and competitor rankings will be established and maintained for each contest.

The long term aspiration is to elevate bodysurfing to become a viable consideration for Olympic participation. USA BodySurfing will operate in compliance with standards established by the International BodySurfing Association.

USA Surfing is the ISA-recognized “National Governing Body for Surfing” in the United States. Surfing was included in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. Greg Cruse, CEO of USA Surfing, is enthusiastic about the prospects for USA BodySurfing. “We have seen the progression of bodysurfing in recent years and impressed with the support of the bodysurfing community,” states Cruse in a news release. “We are happy to partner with USA BodySurfing to help promote this original form of surfing.”

Randy Gilkerson, a director of the Western Surfing Association, spearheaded the initiative to create a strategic alliance between surfing and bodysurfing. “The WSA looks forward to including bodysurfing in future WSA events. I assisted a bodysurfing contest in Del Mar in October and saw a lot of potential for bodysurfing to grow alongside surfing,” Gilkerson said in a news release.

STACT app will be utilized for event registration and electronic scoring. All competitors will need to complete their profile on STACT. 

The operational costs for USA BodySurfing will be covered by individual donors, business sponsors, and entry fee income. All contributions are tax deductible. Please support USA BodySurfing by making your donation.