Members of IBSA announce event format of Bodysurfing World Tour

The members of the International BodySurfing Association (IBSA) are proud to announce the format of the IBSA BodySurfing World Tour set to take place in 2023 and 2024.


The competition will feature both Open Men and Open Women divisions and will be held in two stages.

The first stage, in 2023, the IBSA BodySurfing World Tour Qualifying Series, will be held in different regional areas including North America, Latin America (South and Central America), Polynesia (Hawaii and Tahiti), Europe/Africa, and Australia/Asia. Competitions with the IBSA BodySurfing World Tour Qualifying Series label will take place throughout the year, and a ranking will be established at the end of the season. The top-ranked bodysurfers from each regional area will then represent their region in the IBSA Bodysurfing World Tour Finals. The qualifying system for men is based on the top 8 ranked BWT QS bodysurfers, with 4 being the highest-ranked and 4 selected from each national community. For women, the top 4 ranked BWT QS bodysurfers will be selected, with 2 being the highest-ranked and 2 selected from each national community.


The second stage, in 2024, the IBSA BodySurfing World Tour Finals, will bring together the top ranked bodysurfers from each region, as well as bodysurfers who receive wild cards (8 for open men and 6 for open women) awarded by the IBSA. A total of 48 men and 24 women will showcase their skills in what promises to be an unforgettable competition.


The IBSA will be responsible for selecting events, monitoring compliance with rules, sanctioning results, establishing a classification based on results reported by organizers, selecting the final event organizer, and sanctioning the final result.


“The proposed competition format must be respectful of the planet and bodysurfers, ensure representation of the different communities, and offer events at world class bodysurf locations,” said IBSA Board President, Patrice Grieumard.


Get ready for an exciting year of bodysurfing action as the best athletes from around the world come together to compete in the IBSA BodySurfing World Tour! Stay tuned for more updates and details.

IBSA BodySurfing World Tour rules are available on the Rules page of this website.
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