San Clemente

San Clemente Open
April 22, 2022

Congratulations to all competitors in tricky surf. We were honored to have some of the best bodysurfers from Hawaii and California competing.

The San Clemente contest once again saw the Hawaiians sweep the Mens Open division with Dane Torres taking 1st place. Blaine Morgan from San Clemente won the Men 45+ division. Miko Baron won both Girls U18 and Women Open divisions. Greg Monahan placed 2nd in Men 70+ and 1st in Men 75+. It was a fantastic day at T-Street.


Final Results

Girls Under 18
1. Miko Baron
2. Gabby Bigler (Del Mar)
3. Sabrina Jutronich

Women 18 & Over
1. Miko Baron (Del Mar)
2. Meredith Rose (Del Mar)
3. Olivia Klugg (OB Lugnuts)
4. Calla Allison (Pine Street)

Boys Under 18
1. Dylan Frisch
2. Brayden Brisbois
3. Niko Mour

Men Under 45
1. Dane Torres (Da Fin)
2. Kanealii Wilcox (Da Fin)
3. Kealii Punley (Da Fin)
4. Philip Kitamura (Da Fin)

Men 45 & Over
1. Blaine Morgan (San Clemente)
2. Mark Drewelow (DMBC)
3. Greg Wilkinson (DMBC)
4. Patrick Shannon (GBBA)


All scores and results available on STACT app.


Thanks to all of our sponsors

OUTEX, UWOWI Films, Da Fin Hawaii, DMC Fins, and so many volunteers that made it a great day!”


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